Member Leaders


  • Prashant Jain

  • Prashant Sahni
    Membership & Integration Chair

    Yogesh Arya
    Learning Chair

    Gokul Mahna
    Learning Co-Chair

    Gurmeet Anand
    Marcom Chair

  • Sachin Mehra
    Forum Chair

    Praneet Khanna
    Finance Chair

    Alok Tuli
    Sponsorship Chair

    Deepinder Bedi
    Accelerator & Mentorship Chair

Spousal Champions

  • Geetika Mehrotra
    Spousal Social Champion

    Prarthna Kanoi
    Spousal Forum Champion

My EO Champions

  • Jaidhar Gupta

    Akash Khanna


  • Sheefu Mehra
    Chapter Manager

    Nishtha Bakshi
    Operations Manager

New Delhi

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