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EO Core Values

Thirst for Learning
It's humbling when you truly understand the breadth of the world. It has more to teach than any one person can grasp in a single lifetime. But we're willing to try! Our most valuable asset is wisdom gained through our appetite for knowledge and the transformational experiences that we can share with our peers. A thirst for learning leads to an open mind, and an open mind leads to greater opportunity.

Boldly Go!
This is what we've done all our lives. Driven by a fearlessness to venture into new frontiers to solve a problem or experience the thrill of a new discovery, we will boldly go. It's what allows us to grow and take risks. It inspires us to never give up, celebrating failures as well as successes. It's an innate instinct born out of courage, creativity and eternal optimism.

Make a Mark
Yeah, we're different. We're not afraid to challenge convention. This puts us in control of our destiny, and with that comes a great responsibility. If we have the power to shape our destiny, why wouldn't we want to make it great? To build value. To make a difference. To leave a legacy. We're willing to put in the effort to transform any experience into a positive one for all.

Trust and Respect
Our word. Our name. Our reputation: All intangibles that form the fabric of which we are made. In business, as in life, integrity is everything. Within our organization, integrity goes deeper than just the game rules; it is our code of conduct. Confidence, respect and inclusiveness are imperatives. Non-judgment and non-solicitation are non-negotiable. With these values at our core, we can preserve a safe haven for learning and growth.

How else can we say this? Cool defines our approach, our attitude and our experiences. Our passion for life feeds a desire to be the best. As we challenge convention, we are reinventing the experience of what it means to be an entrepreneur. We are vibrant and progressive. We commit to forward thinking. We commit to innovation. We commit to cool.

What better way to grow than sharing the experience that we gain? The more we share, the more robust becomes our knowledge pool. Our knowledge pool only help us in terms. Stay actively engaged in the activities and sharing to tap the potential.


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