The Story of Mitti Cool – By Vishesh Chandiok

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The speaker for the EO Learning Event held on July 26th, 2011 was Mansukh Bhai Prajapati, a Gujarati from Morbi, near Rajkot. And he spoke no English at all! A born innovator, he was by birth a ‘kumhar’ or people who make pots or matkas of clay. When he was … Continue reading

The Amristar Retreat Flashback – By Binoy Somaia

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We spent two days in the city of the golden temple, and what a trip! I wasn’t able to make the Turkey or Japan retreats, but this was too easy to pass up – a couple of days, a local destination, a great hotel and a ‘must see’ location. The agenda … Continue reading


“You only get what you put in at EO” : Pawan Agarwal

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“You only get what you put in at EO”, was what I heard consistently from everyone when I became a member of the Delhi chapter of EO in August 2008.  I have to say it took me a while to understand the real meaning of it. Through my interactions with some … Continue reading

Vipul Prakash

Vipul Prakash’s EO Story!

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It goes back to the July of 2005. I was attending a wedding in Mumbai where I met a group of guys who spoke of some organization called YEO and of a concept called forum where you were to build a group of “friends for life” who would be there … Continue reading

Hameet Sawhney

Quick Fire Interview with Hameet Sawhney

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Hameet Sawhney is Director of Eagle Group, giants in the import-export trade world. He has been a member of EO since 2004. Q. Your entrepreneurial mantra? A. Keeps Changing, Currently “What Gets Measured Gets Done – Peter Drucker” Q. Your thoughts on Kapil Sibal’s stand on censorship on the web? … Continue reading

Quick Fire Interview with Aditya Burman

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Aditya C Burman is the Managing Director of Onquest Laboratories Ltd, pioneers in the Scientific Services industry. He has been a member of EO since 2005. Q. Your entrepreneurial mantra? A. The essence of any business is its people: take care of them and they will take care of you! … Continue reading

Charu Jain

A Quick Fire Interview with Charu Jain

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Q. Your entrepreneurial mantra? A. If you think you can you will; if you think you can’t you won’t either ways you’re right Q. Your thoughts on Kapil Sibal’s stand on censorship on the web? A. If he thinks he can let him try!! Q. As an entrepreneur, which industry … Continue reading

EO’s International Impact

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Two years ago my company made a decision to foray aggressively into International markets. This entailed either me or another senior team member spending the better part of the year living in 4 different countries. When I decided to handle the task myself I had images of flying first, sipping … Continue reading


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I went to Cuba without any expectations – the only image in my mind was that of an exotic place with timeless elegance. It was during the short, 40 minute flight from Miami that I began to conjecture more. As the plane flew over green and red Cuban fields of what looked like tobacco, I couldn’t help but dream of a Cuban original, hand rolled Cigar and when we arrived Continue reading