PHIL-osophies of life!

Jennifer Carroll is the CEO of J&J Way Productions, a former TV news reporter, author,  highest rated speaker at the EO Buenos Aires University, and EO spouse for over 22 years. She is passionate about using her creative talents, voice and energy to make a difference.

Jennifer will be sharing with EO New Delhi members her journey and tales of how Phil, her husband, who faced the greatest ordeal of his life- Prostate Cancer – was UNSTOPPABLE, living life out loud, running triathlons, snowboarding and travelling the world!

Phil Carroll was an internationally renowned entrepreneur and was described by Forbes magazine as, “only 25 years old and as rich as cheesecake.”  That feature article applauded his first venture, Three Buoys Houseboat Vacations. Phil and his partner plunged into the real estate industry managing and selling a billion dollars worth of real estate. Their claim to fame was when they launched more boats than the US Navy. It was an entrepreneurial roller-coaster, to say the least, filled with plenty of challenges and surprises. Phil Carroll’s celebration of life here on earth ended December 14, 2012, after a fearless five-year battle with Prostate Cancer.

Phil celebrated his life until his last breath. He lived passionately, loved hard and shared his ‘Phil’-osophies with everyone he knew. Through his actions, he taught us the power of positivity and that perspective is everything.

Jennifer will be sharing with EO New Delhi members, “PHIL-osophies of Life: How to Be Unstoppable!”  with her unique energy and enthusiasm, along with powerful video messages, on 18th February 2014, at Ganga, Shangri-la; 7:30pm onwards.