EO New Delhi’s tryst with 9 Michelin Star Chefs!

By Rahul Jetley

It would be an understatement to say that expectations were at an all time high when the EO-New Delhi Chapter announced the gastronomical event, involving a tasting menu prepared by 9 Michelin Starred chefs from all over the globe. An indication of the excitement was the fact that the event hit its capacity of 50 people within an hour of being announced!

The dinner was hosted at the globally acclaimed Le Cirque restaurant, at the opulent Leela Palace, Chanakyapuri. Attendees, dressed in their finest gowns and suits, were greeted at the door with a glass of champagne and then mingled with peers before being seated, in preparation for the culinary journey to begin. To add to the “once in a lifetime” quotient of the event, a silent auction was held during the dinner for an over hundred year old bottle of “very rare” cognac.

We started our voyage with a seafood amuse bouche, followed by various seafood appetizers, poultry and meat main courses and ended with a strawberry and melon soup, accompanied by a Panna-Cotta and strawberry jelly. In homage to the large vegetarian population of India, each of the courses had a vegetarian option to ensure everyone’s preferences were accommodated. A flight of red and white wines, carefully selected to compliment each of the courses ensured that everyone was in high-spirits by the end of the evening!

The event was held on 4th October and featured delicacies prepared by Alyn Williams, Fernando Del Cerro, Michael Wignel, Mark Best, Roger Pizey, Frances Atkins, Marcello Tully, Ian Curley & Laurie Gear, all of whom have two or three Michelin Stars.  All proceeds from the event were forwarded to charity.