From Success to Fulfilment with Master Del Pe!


Master Del Pe is a world renowned life mentor who has authored 5 bestselling books to help professionals improve their quality of life. His teachings bring to people a “heaven on earth” lifestyle and a breakthrough concept; “Fly with 2 wings – spiritual and material”.

He is the Founder and President of 15 corporate business and non-profit organizations internationally. With a philosophy that is an integration of the East and West, he teaches leaders, corporations, professionals and political leaders to maximize their performance and balance their life to work smarter, live healthier and grow faster.

His alchemy comes from his diverse experience and training as an engineer, businessperson, master in martial arts and esoteric sciences, seminar leader, and spirituality and performance coach. He has studied international cultures, philosophies and religions and lived in many countries before he settled down as an entrepreneur in Houston, Texas, USA.

Master Del Pe opens up a new perspective through teachings, practical strategies and “spiritual technologies” of the Ageless Wisdom and brings a distillation of researched information and actual experiences. His methods include training seminars, customized coaching-mentoring, organizational healing and visionary intuitive consulting.

His talent to translate abstract principles into concrete day-to-day solutions to life’s problems has helped him to create over 50 educational curricula and corporate programs. One of his best-selling programs is the Wisdom MBA, where executives are trained not only to manage their businesses but to lead in life. His book, From Success to Fulfilment not only emphasises on getting what you want, but also helps the reader enjoy what they have already achieved, without losing their sense of purpose in life.

He is known for his visionary leadership and his enlightened ways of service as a life mentor to many top executives and leaders. He founded his company BElifeTM for the corporate side of his mission and MDP Foundation for his not-for-profit mission. His clients include many of the top fortune 400 companies, such as Sony, Colgate-Palmolive, IBM, oil companies and also many not-for-profit organizations.

All in all, he wants to be known as the one who teaches people to “master a life ahead of its time”. Master Del Pe will be speaking in a must attend event for members of EO New Delhi on 6th September 2013!

EO New Delhi hosts Patu Keswani, CMD Lemon Tree Hotels


Patu Keswani

Patu Keswani is the chairman and managing director of one of the fastest growing hotel chains in India, Lemon Tree Hotels Pvt Ltd. He is a maverick entrepreneur and an involved angel investor in housing and vocational training.

Mr. Keswani is known for his unique outlook on life. His dog Sparky is a part of his company’s management team, owns one share in the company and gets five biscuits a day as her salary. Most of his top-level employees sport a ponytail like him and he encourages his employees to dress more informally than he does. His philosophy is that he wants employees of Lemon Tree to enjoy their work, have fun and feel no stress while at work.

This IIT Delhi and IIM Kolkata alumnus started his career with Tata Administrative Services and ended up at Taj, finding the hospitality sector more service-oriented and interesting. It was with the Tatas, where he did some strategic assignments for multinationals who wanted to enter the Indian market and also financial assignments for valuations, which included hotel groups. He spent 15 years with the TATA group and left as Senior Vice President to join A T Kearney, A top notch consulting firm that offered over a crore rupees each year plus bonuses. Here too he worked with hotel clients and saw how the valuation game worked.

While working in the hospitality sector he discovered that there was a huge gap between  the demand and supply for mid-market hotels in India. At the top-end there were the Taj, the Oberoi, Hyatt and ITC but in the mid and low segment, there were no national chains. He realized that globally the biggest hotel market is the mid-market and economy sector. Thus the idea was born to build a hotel chain which would be the low-cost carrier equivalent of the hospitality industry like an Indigo.

Becoming an Entrepreneur was a random decision for Mr. Keswani. In fact, the first hotel he built was on an impulse. The initial thought was to build a small hotel, live off its profits and play golf, bridge and pool in the free time.

However, today Lemon Tree Hotels is a pan-India hospitality group, India’s fourth largest, that operates under three distinct brands: Lemon Tree, Lemon Tree Premier and Red Fox. Lemon Tree Hotels have a strong brand of being both affordable and efficient, much like a low-cost airline. Interestingly, 5% of Lemon Tree employees, roughly around 110 employees, are hearing and speech impaired. Mr. Keswani wants his venture to be the largest hotel company in India with 4,000 rooms and Rs 700 crores in turnover.

The luminary Mr Keswani will soon be sharing his experiences, views and ideas with EO New Delhi members.