Entrepreneurs must be leaders | Poll


Inspiring co-workers and leading them through the entrepreneurial vision is the most effective leadership style for a modern day entrepreneur, according to the Delhi chapter of renowned Entrepreneurs’ Organisation (EO). The chapter conducted an online poll on Facebook in May, asking its members and their friends to select what they thought to be the best leadership style for an entrepreneur.

The poll asked the voters to choose between four different leadership styles: Doers, Leaders, Lovers and Learners. Doers focus on problem solving and have a hands-on approach. They typically have intense focus and are detailed in their efforts. Leaders are those who create visions and inspire their co-workers to fulfil those visions. They are motivational to say the least. Lovers focus on creating strong interpersonal relationships and consensus amongst co-workers. They are sensitive and empathetic and often know exactly how all their team members feel. Learners on the other hand, scrutinize problems thoroughly before putting their meticulous thought process onto solving the problems. They are deliberate, disciplined and strategic.

As many as 60 percent voters said that out of these, the visionary leader is the best leadership style for the budding entrepreneur, followed by 15 percent votes for Doers and Learners. On the other hand, only 10 percent voters considered the loving, nurturing leadership the best leadership strategy.

Shelley Prevost, co founder of Lamp Post Group, a venture incubator in Tennessee, USA identified these styles of working after perusing through numerous personality tests. According to her, “Leaders create the vision and inspire others to believe in it. You can’t help but listen to, admire, and follow the Leaders. Without Leaders, we would be spinning in a hamster wheel with no real vision.

Leaders can be detached from others, not completely understanding all that goes into executing their vision. Because they’re out in front, they sometimes forget to check in with the people following them.” 


EO New Delhi’s very own Coat of Arms


Aboard a champagne sunset cruise, at the confluence of the Danube and the Sava rivers in Belgrade, EO New Delhi unveiled its new insignia, a symbol that represents each and every one of its worthy members.

The camaraderie between the members of EO New Delhi is tangible. They have a common passion for life and drive for excellence that draws and binds them together. They come together not only as entrepreneurs and leaders but also peers, friends and confidants! As a collective, the chapter has a unique identity of its own and it was on the quest to defining this identity that President, Hameet Sawhney developed the chapter’s own Coat of Arms!

The concept of a Coat of Arms originally hails from the battlefields of medieval Europe where crests and other designs on soldiers’ shields defined his army’s identity and the qualities or beliefs they stood for. Centuries later, a Coat of Arms became a hereditary marker of aristocracy, representing families of higher social standing in Europe. Regardless of its utility, a Coat of Arms has always bound a group of people together and showcased the ideals they deemed precious and strived to uphold.

It is befitting then that the EO New Delhi family too should have a Coat of Arms which represents each member of the chapter for what they are; troublemakers who like to challenge the status quo, who want to change the world and strive to push the human race forward! To be specific, the crown in their crest represents trust and respect; the book, their thirst for learning. The shield stands for their desire to make a mark; and the lions say Boldly Go!