EO New Delhi “chills out” with Olympian Shiva Keshavan


It was a fun filled Saturday for EO members, especially the EO juniors, with Indian-Italian Luge champion Shiva Keshavan taking them through an exciting ice-skating session at the newly opened iSkate ice-skating rink in Ambience Mall, Gurgaon.

While the kids glided over the fresh white ice, the adults stepped more cautiously. But Keshavan, also known as “The fastest Indian on ice” after his personal record speed of 149.9 kilometer per hour, showed them how falling doesn’t necessarily mean failure.

“No one is born a champion. You become a champion through determination and hard work. No matter how hard you fall, you get to learn how to succeed,” said Keshavan, speaking of his own experience as an extreme sportsperson.

Luge consists of riding a light sled down an ice slope where the rider controls the sled movements through precise movements of his calf muscles and back. It is the fastest and hence most dangerous of the three Olympic sliding sports, which include Bobsleigh and Skeleton.

Asian Games gold medallist in 2011, Keshavan was first drawn to sliding sports at his home town, Manali. Born to an Indian father and an Italian mother, he was offered a chance to represent Italy in the winter Olympics but he chose to represent the country of his birth, India.

To show their support for Indian endeavors on the global stage, EO New Delhi presented Keshavan with a cheque of Rs. 50,000 for promoting Luge in India.

Speaking of his preparations for the 2014 Winter Olympics, Keshavan said that he was working on his speed and timing, both of which are crucial, considering that Luge is one of the most precisely timed sports in the Winter Olympics.

Addressing the EO New Delhi members at the event, he added that “the ability to take charge, his passion and the sportsman’s spirit, which lets him rise after every fall, are essential components of a successful entrepreneur’s mental make-up.”

The champion also presented medals and Ice Age merchandise to the young Entrepreneurs in the making!

An Evening with Sanjay Chandra: So Personal; Yet Well Attended – Gaurang Singhal


The evening began with what felt like a fellow EO member sharing his life line with his forum, in terms of content and depth. It was an eye opening experience coming from a person who has seen the utmost highs and depressing lows of India’s unpredictable and politics governed market. For a person who comes from a generation old business background in construction and engineering, it was a challenge to relocate in 2000 from USA to New Delhi, with a young family in tow.

Along with this challenge came a business high when Chandra’s business saw a rise in market cap from 100 crores to 80000 crores. It was a time of foreign investment into Indian real estate and the country was going great guns. In a favourable market they didn’t seem to chase the money wave. It’s only when the wave ebbed that the company found itself in a situation of low, due to changing market dynamics, a lesson learnt at this time was that, “money should be raised when it’s available rather than when it’s needed as we can’t time the capital markets.” They hired professionals, by way of McKinsey to guide them in identifying avenues to diversify into. This was the season of telecom and Chandra followed suit by getting into the market in the name of Uninor.

Then came in the 2G scam and the company was faced with a new challenge, bigger and more intimidating. While getting out of this situation Chandra has realized that the Indian entrepreneur is heavily dependent on political policy and vulnerable to political powers and an entrepreneur must choose wisely before stepping into any highly government regulated businesses. The evening on the whole was thought provoking and very pertinent to each and every member present there.

Sanjay Chandra, MD of Unitech Ltd (the second largest real estate company in India), is known amongst industry insiders as a trendsetter. Ever since he joined Unitech Ltd in 2001, Mr. Chandra has played a seminal role in turning around the company’s fortunes while simultaneously changing the landscape of the real estate industry in India.

Top 5 Business Apps that You Simply Must Try


In the chaos of numerous Apps, we suggest some highly recommended options to make your life at work just a little simpler:

Expensify! (www.expensify.com): A really easy way to track your expenses, Expensify is a miracle app, especially for people on the go! It not only allows you to import expenses from a credit card or bank account, it also presents all your expenses using a neat spreadsheet which is easy to categorize, tag and attach receipts. You can also turn on the automatic receipt scanning to create an expense from an image of a receipt! It also allows you to measure mileage and provides analytics and reports. The app is free for individuals and consultants and bears a nominal charge for companies. Expensify is available for iPhone/iPad, Android, WebOS and BlackBerry.

Tripit! (www.tripit.com): Gone are the days when complicated travel schedules could cause chaos in your life. With Tripit you can organise your itinerary by merely forwarding your flight, car and hotel reservations to plans@tripit.com! What you get in return is an extensive master itinerary delivered straight to your phone along with regular updates about delays, cancellations and gate changes. It also allows you to find alternative flights fast, track your frequent flier miles, get flight refunds and share your travel plans conveniently. While the basic plan for Tripit is free, some of the additional features (mentioned above) are charged for on an annual basis. Tripit is available for iPhone/iPad, Android and BlackBerry

Box! (www.box.com): Storing, managing and sharing your online content gets much simpler when you have Box by your side. The box mobile apps allow you to do all three things while very much on the move. Box has also pioneered a new level of Content Management Security with role based access, 99.9% uptime guarantee and data encryption using 256-bit SSL. This password protected app allows you to collaborate on documents and spreadsheets in the cloud. Yet again, the basic account for Box is free, however, extra storage space is chargeable on a monthly basis. Box is available for iPhone, iPad and Android.

Campfire! (www.campfirenow.com): Campfire is a web-based group chat tool that allows you to set up password protected chat rooms in just seconds, enabling easy and confidential communication with employees, colleagues, clients and vendors. The mobile app features a streamlined interface, live image previews within the right chat room, inline viewing of popular file formats, inline YouTube Viewing, access to all your campfire chat rooms and full SSL support. Campfire has a 30 day free trial and is available only on the iPhone.

Remember The Milk! (www.rememberthemilk.com): A fantastic ‘Things To Do’ app, you will never forget the milk or anything else with this one. Apart from allowing you to make and organise your To Do List in a comprehensive manner, this app also syncs up with your iCalendar feeds, send reminders via email, instant messenger and text messages and can be used via Siri. The App is available for iPhone/iPad, Android and BlackBerry.

EO New Delhi Welcomes the New EO Year!


Dear Members,

On behalf of the EO New Delhi Board it is with great enthusiasm and anticipation that I welcome you to the new EO year!

Over the last several years we have endeavoured to continue raising the bar. The enthusiasm and zeal with which our membership committed to imbibing the EO ideals and the dedication of the Board to bringing us the best of experiences has reflected in the highest ratings in many years! From Formula 1 to Fossils, Mercedes to Maruti, Columbia Business month to the Kremlin, I am very proud to say we have owned our own experience!

That being said, the Entrepreneur in us does not allow for us to dwell for long on things past, and pushes us to take stock of the present and look forward to the future. 2012 marks EO’s 25th Anniversary and there are challenging times ahead…

It is time for the Entrepreneur to rise and take action. It is what we do. We make things happen when no one else can, we revive economies when the gridlock of poor regulation and bad planning leave the giants of industry shaking, and we bring a glimmer of hope to those seeking inspiration. Our members thrive during times of hardship because they see opportunity in adversity. Even more, the collective pushes members to flourish during times of great success by encouraging members to boldly go!

The Entrepreneurs Organisation gives us a platform, to deliver this promise to ourselves and those that depend on us. The incoming Board, after much thought and participation with our peers at the GLC, hopes to deliver exactly that to our membership!

This year I look forward to interacting with you all, and welcoming new Entrepreneurs to our fold! I look forward to hearing stories of your experiences and stitching the knowledge to the very fabric of my life! But most of all, I look forward to having a blast with you all this year in some of the most stimulating settings with the most inspirational company! Welcome to the year we collectively inspire, innovate and integrate!

Looking forward to an exciting year ahead!

With Faith,

Aditya Burman
Communications Chair
EO New Delhi