Entrepreneurs have a Higher Achievement Orientation than Managers


In his book, The Entrepreneur Next Door, William Wagner talks about how to determine your personality and, more importantly, how you can adopt those behaviors that entrepreneurship requires to maximize your opportunity for success. Wagner identifies seven broad personality types. Four are generalists: trailblazer; go-getter; manager and motivator. There are also three specialist personality types: authority, collaborator, and diplomat. According to Wagner, the four generalist entrepreneurial personality types start, own, and run the majority of successful businesses. A smaller but impressive number of businesses are run by people who possess one of the three specialist personality types.

What is the bottom line? According to active research, more than 80 per cent entrepreneurs have very similar personality traits. Although our upbringings, belief systems, education, training, and development affect our ultimate behaviors, our core personalities remain relatively constant throughout our lives. The most important factors that distinguish entrepreneurs who barely make it from those who make millions are personality and, sometimes more important, the ability to harness personality, use it, and learn from it.

By Rajiv Bajaj

Aditya Burman’s EO Story


Having been a member of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) for a while now, I have come to realize the rarity of timing and applicability converging into one singular continuous experience.  On my return to India and subsequent involvement in my business, there were several instances of a feeling an inaccessibility of peer support and counsel.  Our dedicated and thoroughly professional corporate team enabled a transition from a start-up venture to the niche medical services provider one witnesses today; however we were playing on the same field as giants of the trade.  To bring about success would require a transformation of the philosophies which shaped the industry we worked in and to take such bold steps without the guidance and support of peers appeared ominous.

Upon joining this dynamic and passionate group of individuals, there was swiftly introduced to me a structure to the experience of life which allowed for a freedom of thought and more importantly a crucial integration of business, family and lifestyle.  There were many things to be done in this world, and these were the people doing them with dedication and zeal.

The last six years have flown by and the only constant seems to be change.  I have come to rely on and cherish the continuity of support and direction the EO provides its members by emphasizing the core values of the organization:

– Boldly Go!: Bet on your own abilities
– Thirst for Learning: Be a student of opportunity
– Make a Mark: Leave a legacy
– Trust and Respect: Build a safe haven for learning and growth
– Cool: Create, seek out and celebrate once-in-a-lifetime experiences

These five values: simple, yet steeped in efficiency, have inspired countless individuals to better the very fibre of their lives by embodying the ideals to which they refer.  No doubt many countless more shall follow. Be it among the 110 New Delhi chapter members or the 7500 (plus) members in 118 chapters spread across 38 countries, the feeling of correlation remains the same. The bond: unbreakable. The support: unfaltering. It is precisely this kind of foundation on which giants stand.

 Aditya C Burman