‘Innovate, Inspire and Integrate!’ – Hameet Sawhney, President, EO New Delhi


Innovate, Inspire and Integrate !
(A message from Hameet Sawhney, President, EO New Delhi 2012-13)

A big hello to all my friends and fellow EO members!

It’s an honour for me to represent all you amazing entrepreneurs and am humbled to step into the role of president of EO New Delhi Chapter for 2012-13.

It has been my personal privilege to have served on the EO board along with some of the most energized, super charged and crazy bunch of people I have known in my life………….they have been like a drug for me and I feed off their energy.

Last year’s been a phenomenal year with so many new benchmarks by the out-going board. I would like to congratulate Ashna who over the months and years has put in tremendous energies into good work for the chapter. Shamit and Adit delivered an explosive learning calendar for us, Vibhas went on to create lots of buzz on Facebook and got many of our members to start contributing articles for our newsletters. Deepak has steered our forum placements to another level, Ashna chaired two memorable retreats, On the membership front, we introduced the EO Navigator program to help our new members integrate better and faster. Thanks to Rajiv, it was a record year for sponsorship. I must say each board member defiantly made their mark! Because of the collective efforts, the chapter has never been as ‘ENGAGED’ as it is now. Last but definitely not the least, none of this could have been executed without the hard work and dedication put in by Suja. Thank you, Suja!

Outside of my family, EO has been and continues to be the biggest influence on my personal development. My involvement on the EO board has been the single most significant driver of such development. Within EO we all have opportunities to develop ourselves. My first step in this wonderful journey began as moderator of my forum in 2006, continued through to stepping onto the board in 2007 and it continues on as I collaborate with all of you to celebrate 25 years of EO this year.

The skills that I have learned in EO leadership have been equally applicable to all aspects of my life, be it family, personal or business. Thanks to EO, I have developed an increasing global perspective and learned invaluable business tools. Thanks to EO I have acquired effective meeting management techniques, and become a better listener. In EO I have created lifelong relationships and felt a sense of significant belonging. EO has provided me with so many once-in-a-life-time experiences that I would not have got on my own. Thank you EO and thank all of you wonderful friends.

A couple of initiatives the new board will be launching in the coming months:

– Introduction of EO Delhi’s first Spousal Chair – Our first step in getting more engagement from EO spouses and children. A great opportunity for spouses to experience EO style leadership.

– Creation of EO New Delhi’s first Injected Members Council championed by our veteran EO members, to bring in more participation from our tenured members.

– Launching of a 6 month forum mentor-ship program for our newly formed forums, so they are able to deep dive within forum quickly.

– To encourage our members to experience international EO events. We shall roll out a $500 rebate to all EO New Delhi members who wish to attend an international EO University or EO Global learning program, and

– An insane chapter retreat being planned to Beirut in the last weekend of September. With this I would like to introduce to you, our new in-coming EO NEW DELHI BOARD and LEADERSHIP TEAM for 2012-13:

Shamit Khemka as Membership & Integration Chair
Rajiv Bajaj as Learning Chair
Karan Bhatia as Learning Co-Chair Vibhas Prasad as Forum Chair
Aditya Burman as Communications Chair
Anant Kanoi as Finance and Sponsorship Chair
AND for the first time, Aanchal Bhatia as EO New Delhi’s Spousal Champion.
ALSO for the first time EO New Delhi’s Injected Members Council : Deepak Jain, Naveen Munjal and Riju Jhunjhunwala.
Suja shall step into her new role as Chapter Director and I would like to introduce Amarjeet Kaur who will be joining us as Chapter Administrator.

Going forward, we have adopted the theme for the next year to be “Innovate, Inspire and Integrate” – Innovate the way we do things, Inspire each other along the way, and Integrate all our members, our spouses and our children through once-in-a-life-time experiences.


Affectionately, Hameet

The Business of Expanding to a New Country – By Hemant Jain


In the present day, businesses are in a state of constant flux and require that we are quick to adapt to its ever changing needs without letting go any new opportunities. As entrepreneurs and business leaders; we are constantly presented with new opportunities for growth in regions which may never have been explored or considered before. To take that leap of faith, can be a daunting, yet exciting call. I would like to share my own experiences of setting up a new manufacturing facility in an entirely new region.

As the largest manufacturer and market leader of Plasticizers and Polymer compounds in South Asia, we at KLJ decided to expand our manufacturing horizons and zeroed in on Qatar.  Qatar was the natural choice as its proven natural gas reserves stood at almost 14% of all known natural gas reserves and the third-largest in the world. This makes the cost of electricity, at 2 cents or a little over Re.1 per KWH, one of the lowest in the world, which suited us as our products being power intensive consume electricity as a raw material. Besides, Qatar is also one of the world’s fastest growing economies. As the richest country in the world on a GDP per capita basis, Qatar is investing substantial revenues generated from its natural resources into local projects and infrastructure in order to support the creation of a diverse and sustainable domestic economy. To take advantage of all these factors, we decided to establish a Chemical Complex there.

We were welcomed into Qatar with open arms. The Royal family of Qatar which holds stakes in all major establishments of the country takes personal interest in new ventures. Qatar Industrial Manufacturing Company (“QIMC”), in which the Government of Qatar has a holding, agreed to become a partner with us for establishing a Joint Venture Company in Qatar. Having a local partner is a requirement as per the laws of the Country and a member of the Royal family became Chairman in our JV Company. Qatar has provided us with a perfect launch pad that any establishment can hope for – an attractive investment strategy, freehand in selecting technology and experts, complete local support in procurement of land, obtaining of various approvals, and the freedom to decide sales and marketing strategies. Qatar has been opening up to the world and we can vouch that they are only too keen to make Qatar a major industrial economy with its resources. In fact an all-round development is what Qatar is striving for. It is with this end in mind they have successfully bid for the 2022 Football World Cup. Massive development of infrastructure is currently being undertaken. In fact, Standard & Poor’s expect the additional spending on infrastructure in Qatar due to the World Cup to reach $64 billion. It is only a matter of time before Qatar emerges as a major country in the region.

However, in the same breath I would hasten to mention that Qatar is an emerging growth story and as in any other developing country, one has to face some hiccups. To start with the laws are only in Arabic without any official English translation and the translations available all vary, one from the other. The several approvals required to be obtained from the authorities require immense patience. It being a desert, there is shortage of developed lands that can be used for setting up of industries.  Lack of adequate port and logistics is again a drawback.  These are some of the glaring lacunas that the authorities in Qatar need to address while inviting foreign investments.  Qatar is planning big and with its resources it certainly will succeed but attention to these and other lacunas is the need of the hour.

Another word of caution, Qatar being an emerging economy is working towards establishing its procedures and systems. This being an Emir ruled kingdom, legislations can be brought into force or amended at the drop of the hat. Relation with the Royal family helps one in getting around. At present ‘VAASTA’ (relationship) is the key word in Qatar. However, one gets a feeling that with the rapid industrialization and other developments that are taking place, one would soon see stability in the systems.

On a more personal note, one needs to make a special mention of the warm people and the open society of Qatar. Quite unlike any other country in the Gulf, people of Qatar take people from outside Gulf region also as friends. Personally, I was invited by the Qatari Sheikh,  now a friend and a Director of our JV Company to his home for a ‘Majlis’, a gathering of all members of his extended family for a family reunion and feast. The experience, bonhomie and camaraderie that all shared was amazing.

We at KLJ have already stepped into the country with lots of hopes, dreams and aspirations and are certain that we would be a witness and partner to the growth of Qatar. Venturing into this new territory having totally different culture and systems has been an exciting journey for me personally. It has not only given me an insight into the workings of a culturally different country but also excited me to look for still newer territories for expansion of business.

Best Practices for Web Security shared By Ankit Fadia


On 9.2.2011, Ankit Fadia stood before the members of EO, New Delhi and related horror stories about internet hackings. The event was very well received and was awarded a rating of 8.9 out of 10, especially because he followed it up with some very interesting and enlightening best practices regarding web security.

These simple yet effective practices can help save a lot of stress and money if followed carefully. They are as follows:

FREE. Easy to Use. Google Search.

Update it Every Week.
NORTON, MCAFEE, KASPERSKY and many others.

Update it Every Week.
PrevX or SpySweeper. 30$ Annual License Fee.


Combination of Alphabets, Numbers & Special Characters.
Use both Lowercase & Uppercase in your password.
Avoid using the same password for ALL your accounts.
Avoid reusing a password that you have already used before.

Scrambles all your keys to fight keyloggers, trojans & spying tools.






Snort is a very good IDS/IPS. Open Source.

Gives you a list of security vulnerabilities on your network.
Recommends Solutions to fix them.
Nessus, GFI Languard, eEye, Retina Scan & others.

Restrict/Control User Access.
Restrict/Control File Access.
Restrict/Control Application Access

Variety of different free tools available. http://www.download.com

Digital Signatures.
Encryption like PGP.
For Home Users: http://www.hushmail.com


ANKIT FADIATM, 24 years old, is an independent computer security and digital intelligence consultant with definitive experience in the field of Internet security based out of the Silicon Valley in California, USA. He has authored 14 internationally best-selling books on numerous topics related to Computer Security that have been widely appreciated by both professionals and industry leaders the world over. His books have sold a record 10 million copies across the globe, have been translated into Japanese, Korean, Portuguese and Polish and are also being used as reference textbooks in some of the most prestigious academic institutions around the world.