New Smart Phone Apps for EO!


Shamit Khemka, EO member from the New Delhi chapter, has sponsored an exciting, multifunctional mobile App for EO, through his company SynapseIndia. The App is suitable for all smart phones including the iPhone, Android and BlackBerry.

The features of this App are exciting as it:
– Provides Global and Chapter event listings and details.
– Allows authorized members of EO network (users registered with to login with their network credentials and check the members and chapter officers’ directory.
– Enables authorized members to add their contact details in their address book.
– Allows a global search of EO members.
– Allows users to set/change chapter preferences for viewing events and member directory.
– Members can add the chapters (cities) names they will visit and also check the names of visitors to the chapter.
– Allows registered members to view visitors’ list in their chapter and send notifications to other users regarding the event.
– Lets users share their feedback during a particular event and allows rating of events basis experience.
– Allows users to check the RSS feeds.
– Allows users to create contact groups and share their incidents, significance and feelings to them via mail.
– The users can view the EO tweets, Facebook posts etc.
– Allows users to view the EO TV i.e. EO streamed videos.

The App can be downloaded from EO New Delhi’s Facebook page (­).

Get it now!


Power House Priya Paul to Talk to EO New Delhi


On the 23rd February, 2012, EO New Delhi invites you to participate in a talk titled “Women Entrepreneurship” with Priya Paul, Chairperson of Apeejay Surrendra Park Hotels Ltd.

Daughter of Late Shri Surrendra Paul, Ms. Paul began her career as the Marketing Manager at The Park, New Delhi. Her first success was her repositioning of The Park Hotels as India’s first and only collection of contemporary luxury boutique hotels. Under her direction, The Park Hotels have emerged as stylish and edgy, warm and fun – a reflection of her own personality and passion for contemporary art and design.

A powerhouse to say the least, she is an Executive Committee Member and Ex – President of the Hotel Association of India, a founding member of the World Travel and Tourism Council – India Initiative, a Trustee of the India Foundation for the Arts (IFA), Chairperson, South Asia Women’s Fund, and a member of Harvard Business School’s India Advisory Board. Having been inducted to FHRAI’s Hall of Fame in 2010 and Hotelier India’s Hall of Fame in 2011, she has won many awards and accolades from across the hospitality, tourism and design industries. The cherry of the cake of course is the coveted Padma Shri award (one of India’s highest civilian honours) conferred unto her in 2012 by the President of India for her contributions in the field of trade and industry.

Amongst the various issues up for discussion during the talk, Ms. Paul will share her views on product differentiation by creating a super niche yet continuing to be relevant to a larger audience, the importance of Brand Priya to Brand Park as well as share her personal experiences on how a young member of a family can make an impact within the family business and the irrelevance of gender in the world of business, though contrary to popular opinion.

The event will be held at The Park, New Delhi and will commence at 7.30pm with time for networking and cocktails, followed by the talk at 8.00pm. Dinner will be hosted at Aqua, by the poolside 9.00pm onwards.

You don’t know, who all the people you know, know!, Rick Itzowich unravels LinkedIn


Very often, LinkedIn is disregarded as just another social network website. Rick Itzkowich’s talk with the members of EO, New Delhi, however, dispelled such notions. Amongst the many things that Rick established during his presentation was that LinkedIn is a serious portal for serious people looking to connect with a larger business network. In his words, “You don’t know, who all the people you know, know!!” Through LinkedIn, you can connect with not only your own business and social acquaintances but find common links with the people you hope to meet and request an introduction.

He explained that LinkedIn can be used for business development, recruiting executive talent, problem solving and best practice sharing over and above the networking. However, all of this is possible only if you have an effective profile which is as transparent as possible, a powerful network and active participation. He defined sufficient activity as 30 to 45 minutes a week, also saying that an assistant, if properly trained, could do the basics for the member.

Though the conservative would disregard virtual networking as frivolous, Rick’s explanation of what he described as the two currencies to be earned on LinkedIn made sense – Trust and Credibility, both of which can be gained by enabling meaningful introductions between people as well as by borrowing from the credibility of the people on your network. It seems no different from networking in the real world!

Interestingly, the demographics of the members of LinkedIn were very appealing. More than 50% of the members are Asian. The average adjusted household income of the members is $109,000 and 45% of the members are decision makers, which sounded like a pretty ideal target market for any Indian business. Through LinkedIn, the search for people can be very specific as the search filters include their positions in organisation, company size, revenue, industry etc.

During the Q&A though, it became clear that LinkedIn enables poaching of employees, an unpleasant but inevitable by-product of such a portal. On the flip side, it could be used to bypass head-hunters, saving their enormous fees. Rick also replied to a question saying that he would not recommend a paid membership to the portal unless the member was very active, since the drawback of the same was only fewer search filters.

A better understanding of this portal definitely opens up doors for another platform to widen our business networks.

From Rick’s Website: Rick Itzkowich, “The LinkedIn Guy” is a genuine people connector. He bridges the two worlds of face-to-face networking and online networking. He understands and practices networking like few others do. As a successful entrepreneur, Rick creates turnkey products that meet today’s demand for tools to increase your business. His informative and entertaining live presentations, along with articles, interviews, podcasts and blog messages on adding LinkedIn to your company’s marketing plan are in high demand.

An Evening with Vivek Oberoi!


With great pleasure, EO, New Delhi invites you to spend an evening with Vivek Oberoi!

Being the son of Suresh Oberoi, a highly esteemed actor in the Indian Film Industry, Vivek’s acting talents were nurtured from a young age. His first performance was at the age of a six and it was then that he realized that he wanted to be an actor.

“I remember being backstage, all prepared to hit the stage! I was mumbling my opening lines under my breath. The minute I strolled up on stage, the first thing I did was look out for my parents. But I couldn’t see anyone. It was absolutely dark. It was mesmerizing! I spoke my lines. And then there was no looking back as I performed the character of the soldier with utmost ease.”

The faculties were so impressed by his performance that they advised his father to send him to a theatre workshop in London, which he attended at the tender age of seven. Years later, using his excellent improvisational abilities at an actor’s workshop in London, Vivek in his own style performed a monologue unaware that the director of New York University was watching his performance. The director was so impressed that he took Vivek to New York where he completed his Masters in Acting at the prestigious Tisch School of Drama.

In 2002, Vivek Oberoi made his debut in the Ram Gopal Varma film Company – a critically acclaimed box office film. Vivek won two Filmfare awards for Best Debut and Best Supporting Actor, in addition to five other mainstream awards from several prestigious award ceremonies. He became an instant hit with his first film and took the industry to a new level. His performance is said to have been one of the best debut performances in the history of Indian Cinema. Not too long after his debut film, Vivek was in the limelight again with the hit film Saathiya, a romantic drama, which proved his versatility as an actor and saw his fan base grow, particularly attracting fans outside of India.

For a chance to meet the talented young actor, be at Tonino, M.G. Road, on 7th February at 7.30 pm onwards.