Debating Forgiveness with Amanda Lindhout!

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EO New Delhi welcomed renowned philanthropist and bestselling author, Amanda Lindhout for a soul-stirring interactive session. Lindhout made the news across the world when in 2008, she and Australian photojournalist Nigel Brennan were kidnapped by Islamic extremists in Somalia. After her release from 15 month long captivity, Lindhout embarked on … Continue reading

Jennifer Corrall

PHIL-osophies of life!

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Jennifer Carroll is the CEO of J&J Way Productions, a former TV news reporter, author,  highest rated speaker at the EO Buenos Aires University, and EO spouse for over 22 years. She is passionate about using her creative talents, voice and energy to make a difference. Jennifer will be sharing … Continue reading

Kunal Bahl

An evening with Kunal Bahl of

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Kunal Bahl, CEO, spoke enthusiastically to the members of EO New Delhi, sharing details of his fascinating journey of founding and growing the very successful It seems like it all started back in 2006 in Kunal’s bedroom when he and his friend, Rohit Bansal, an IIT Delhi graduate … Continue reading

GM Rao

An Interaction with G M Rao

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Following its theme – Live, Laugh and Learn, Eo New Delhi held an enlightening event with Mr. Grandhi Mallikarjuna Rao, Founder and Chairman of GMR group, who shared his life story from humble beginnings to private jets! An introductory video was played to showcase the journey of GMR group, which … Continue reading

Amanda Lindhout

Meet with Amanda Lindhout; A Fighting Spirit

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An award winning humanitarian, social activist, public speaker and writer Amanda Lindhout’s story is one of passion and perseverance. There is truly much for all of us to learn from her. From humble origins in Canada, Amanda took control of her destiny the day she quit her job as a … Continue reading

GMR Chief to Speak to EO New Delhi

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The story of G M Rao, the Founder Chairman of GMR Group is truly inspirational! He was born in a small town called Rajam in Andhra Pradesh to a small scale jeweller. The origins of his business empire can be traced back to a single Jute Mill which he invested … Continue reading

Walks on Fire

Once in a life time experience in EO

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My EO journey started in June 2012 when I joined EO New Delhi as an Admin. This was the first of its kind job for me, so I didn’t know what to expect from it. What came my way seemed normal until our last EO event – “Walk on fire … Continue reading

Walk on Fire

Deeper impacts of walking on Fire and Broken Glass

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The sun set that evening, only to give rise to a majestic full moon shining over the sprawling lawns of a fellow EO members farmhouse. 50-odd EO families gathered together with growing anxiety and fear. My kids had mice running in their stomach as soon as they were invited to … Continue reading

EO New Delhi’s tryst with 9 Michelin Star Chefs!

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By Rahul Jetley It would be an understatement to say that expectations were at an all time high when the EO-New Delhi Chapter announced the gastronomical event, involving a tasting menu prepared by 9 Michelin Starred chefs from all over the globe. An indication of the excitement was the fact … Continue reading

Sunil Lulla

Sunil Lulla: The Brand man of Indian Media!

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Sunil Lulla is the Chairman & Managing Director of the Times Television Network. A media and news industry veteran, Mr Lulla is also a board member of the News Broadcasters Association. He brings with him immense experience in the media sector having been associated with the business of television media, … Continue reading