Accelerator Details

Why Accelerator Exists

Accelerator exists to fuel EO Membership growth by accelerating success of first-stage entrepreneurs committed to building scalable businesses. The program supports entrepreneurs who wish to grow their companies to US$1 million in sales and beyond by helping develop and enhance their skills in strategy, human resources, finance, sales and marketing.

What is Accelerator?

Accelerator is experiential, entrepreneurial education based on an annual calendar year. Through the following education methods, you will be able to demonstrate the application of the content through annual deliverables.

  • Quarterly Learning Events Through a series of quarterly events focused on four core areas: Strategy, People, Finance and Sales & Marketing, this experience-based three year curriculum is delivered by entrepreneurs to entrepreneurs. This access to real world experts provides exposure to practical tools that improve the effectiveness of their business.
  • Access to Mentors and Business Best Practices The classroom experience is supplemented with a mentorship component, as well as networking and social gatherings which create a thriving and supportive entrepreneurial community. Accountability groups provide a mentored workshop style session where the quarterly event content is applied to the Acc business through metric-based accountability and goal driven growth. Additionally, based on the discretion of the chapter, Accelerators are invited to select EO learning and social events. These events provide access to EO members where Accelerators can harness the experience and best practices of entrepreneurs from around the globe.
  • Peer Community Accelerator introduces a community of first-stage entrepreneurs and access to peer resources and best practices. The peer network allows for the collaborative application of learning and a peer support for business and personal challenges.

What Accelerator is not?

Accelerator is a program and not a membership organization. It is not traditional classroom-based business education and it is not a leads group for a business. Accelerators are prohibited from soliciting other Accelerators and EO members. Accelerator is a three year model and because of that, Accelerator is not a permanent condition. Finally, while there are similarities, Accelerator is not EO.

Who is Accelerator for?
  • Entrepreneurs who are running high growth or high impact businesses with revenue between US$250,000 and US$999,999
  • Entrepreneurs who take responsibility for their personal and business growth
  • Entrepreneurs who aggressively seek out resources
  • Driven to achieve the US$1 million metric and become EO members within three years
  • Entrepreneurs who are committed to learning and growing with others
  • Entrepreneurs who embrace the values of EO and Accelerator

What is the value for EO?
  • Build a pipeline of future EO members and leaders
  • Opportunity to impact emerging entrepreneurs through mentorship and experience-based interaction
  • Increased Chapter community involvement
  • Accelerators who graduate to EO are more likely to renew
  • Increased retention for tenured members through the experience of giving back and reignited passion for their own
  • PR and strategic alliance opportunities for the chapter
  • Access to Accelerator learning events and content
  • Additional leadership opportunities for EO members

What is the value for the Accelerator participants?
  • Practical tools that facilitate growth
  • Learn how to scale their business to US$1 million or more within three years
  • World-class education by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs
  • Peer network of first stage entrepreneurs
  • Access to best practices from experienced entrepreneurs around the globe
  • Opportunity for mentorship and guided learning
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